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We are open for dinner 5-9PM Tuesdays - Saturdays in our Dining Room, Garden Patio and Lantern Bar. Walk-ins welcome, reservations are available via Resy. If you don't find your preferred time or party size on Resy, please contact Lantern by phone at 919-969-8846. 

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To-Go Ordering

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Eater: Watch Andrea Reusing's TED Talk on the Illusion of Abundance and the Invisibility of Farm Workers

"Here's a thought-provoking TEDx Talk from Lantern's Andrea Reusing in which the Chapel Hill, NC chef urges the food world to 'make a place for farm workers at the table.' Reusing points out that we live in a world run amuck with 'foodies,' saying, 'We have tote bags for our tote bags. Our compost piles have their own Tumblrs.' But yet somehow still the food community often ignores 'something that's much more fundamental to the way we live: the lives of the people who harvest the food that we eat.'" 

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Cooking in the Moment

Cooking In the Moment selected as one of the New York Times notable cookbooks of 2011!

A serious thank you to Serious Eats for including Cooking in the Moment with such great company in their favorite cookbooks of the year.