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orange county living wage

Lantern is proud to be a certified Orange County Living Wage Employer.

We are proud to announce that we have implemented an 18% Fair Wage Charge in lieu of tips, which helps us guarantee fair wages to our entire team - both front and back of the house. Additional tipping is not necessary, however any extra gratuity will be distributed equally amongst all hourly restaurant staff.                                                                       

Our decision to transition to a service charge model is part of our ongoing work to create pay equity for all of Lantern’s hourly team members. Unlike traditional tipping, the proceeds from our 18% Fair Wage Charge can be shared with chefs, porters and dishwashers, allowing us to create one hourly wage structure for both our front and back of house and guarantee a consistent wage regardless of our level of business.

Lantern is OC living wage certified. All team members have a minimum hourly wage of $15.40. Additional compensation is based on performance and experience.